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stick vs bike 2

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By LadyToast - Posted on 23 October 2009

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I was told that when I had this crash that someone had ridden past and taken photos. I was concussed etc on Mona Vale Rd. It is funny to see photos tho. This crash fractured my occipital condyle, my c6 spine and fractured my hand somehow I havn't ended up para/quadraplegic.


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Glad you're OK and have a path back to full recovery. Makes my shoulder trouble completely trivial.

How did you get tangled with a stick - did the guy in front kick it up?

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Hi Tom

The main thread is here:

As I say in the thread I didn't have the insensitivity to take pics of you, you looked to be a bad way, luckily you had lots of people around you to help when I was there. There had been some talk about carbon frames recently so this was opportunistic timing. Do you remember the stick or did it happen too quickly?

Really glad you are OK. Are you still able to train, I think of your buddies told me you are a rower?

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