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OTB - Cracked helmet - close call...

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By Hans - Posted on 07 January 2010

Close call - yesterday's OTB - landing head first ... Sad

My trusted helmet did what it's supposed to do...absorbing the impact of 90 kg's hitting the ground head/face first, however, the sharp edge of the visor bent inwards on impact and gouged a chunk out of my nose and caused cuts to the face.

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Close call indeed! Hope all is well (apart from the gouge and cuts)...

Where did the OTB take place Hans?

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Glad to hear you are ok. Must have been a big impact.

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Glad to hear you're OK. That was very close indeed. Any headaches or nausea?

UNSW is has a research [rogram going on helmet effectiveness. I think they'd be very interested in your helmet, especially what happened with the visor. It's about a 20-30 minute interview, and they take your helmet away with them. If you want to participate PM me and I'll shoot you the researcher's details.

Also, Netti has a discounted helmet crash replacement policy. Normally they reqire you to leave the dead helmet with the shop, but I'm sure if you explained that your donating your helmet to the UNSW program they would relax the requirement.

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