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Polaris Bike Pod - in Air NZ we trust!

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By Hans - Posted on 10 December 2009

Borrowed a Polaris Bike Pod for getting the Enduro wrapped and packed for the UnZed trip.

This shell case (soft) is on loan from my neighbour (a Kiwi - nice!). Just managed to fit in the "quarantine-ready" Enduro (Large) with some minor mods...had to reverse the dual crown fork, and remove the front brake as it was sticking out by 5 mm. Derailleur and hanger and handle bar removed and still to be wrapped up in bubble wrap. Will also wrap the chainring with rag and duct tape.

The wheels are held by skewers in the side wall (!)...have to modify it with a big washer for the 25 mm front axle. I hope the discs dont rub on the frame through the 20 mm foam pad. The frame is still to be wrapped up in bubble wrap, too. It is supposed to be held in place by straps but they look a bit loose.... Tyres and shocks / forks are deflated as required.

Air NZ has a free "bike baggage allowance, while QF and Virgin charge over $ 100 extra. Funny excerpts from the Air NZ baggage instructions:

# Some bicycle items may be classed as dangerous goods. For example, CO2 cartridges for inflating bicycle tyres contain compressed gas and are not permitted as checked or cabin baggage.

# Mountain bikes may be fitted with struts containing compressed nitrogen gas. These bikes can only be accepted as checked baggage if the gas pressure does not exceed 200KPa (Kilopascal), or 29 PSI (Pounds per square inch).

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Do you know if you need to decompress the shock and fork before flying?

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That's what the 29psi thing is all about. Although, it does say, "Mountain bikes may be fitted with struts containing compressed nitrogen gas..." which if you're filling with a shock pump clearly isn't the case - it's filled with air, not nitrogen.

I've had shocks and forks shipped via air and they always come with plenty of pressure in so there's nothing to damage them. Guess if you did have nitrogen in your shocks though, best to lower the pressure as they ask. Or get some less exotic shock? Eye-wink

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