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Bike Bag 2

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By Rob - Posted on 11 December 2009

After seeing Hans' pictures of his bike packed, thought I'd put up a couple. This is my Yeti 575 with a few items packed around it. Still lots of space to fill with other gear.

ar_junkie's picture

So do you want to take some more spares then?

Hans's picture

So what's the total weight after all the padding? Is there a max weight limit per bag for Air Kiwi?

I'll try to stuff things around my bike, too...but am close to 20kg's as it is.


Rob's picture

Airlines usually have a 32kg per item limit. Of course we only have 30kg allowance anyhow!

Scottboy's picture

is the duty free grog to celebrate after the ride can't see it in there yet ?

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