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Negative Flyer

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By Nick R - Posted on 15 December 2009

Copy of negative flyer being distributed in Thornleigh area

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Identify the guy and explain to him all the fallacies he wrote in the flyer.

If he doesn't understand take a photo of him, publish it and let aim when we see him in the trails!!! Smiling

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What a load of BS! Immense traffic issues at Manly Dam?? Whatever...

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That really is quite a crazy assertion...

And parking as an issue - it's within half a km of Hornsby station and shops! Omg shock horror!
I thought the beauty of the Manly Dam start point was that there was plenty of parking outside the Hydro Lab? Bizarre...

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It's anonymous, and can be discredited on that basis. I think most people will see through it, but there will be some credulous types who will take it on board.

The key is to keep the high ground and stay rational and factual.

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Repeat a lie enough times and people will beleive it.

That is the problem with this sort of flayers...

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about how council money gets used to clear land to make

soccer fields
basketball fields
general playing areas

which bring lots of cars to the area for the EXCLUSIVE use of the soccer, basketball, sport of the day

wonder how much bush walking this guy does anyway ...

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.. is the most far fetched bit of scare mongering. I got a copy of it. What a load of BS!

You know whats between Valley Rd and Rosemead Road? A Sewerage Treatment Plant, a Concrete Drainage Canal, and a large chunk of mowed reserve where residents have crept past their boundaries and now it's mowed to keep it tamed. The land is primarily disturbed with excessive silt as it is the watercourse coming straight out of an abandoned quarry.

A main reason for the location selection is due to the previous disturbance, and the close proximately to the station. Locals won't be parking anywhere except for at home in their f'n driveway, and just ride there like we currently do. We already ride trails in those locations. They are just a bit fragmented at the moment. Non-locals will be more likely to come by train (with their wallets) and spend some money on lunch etc in Hornsby. Parking facilities already exist at Quarry Road, the TAFE, the Pool and around the Hornsby Station.

..and then there is the "exclusive" part. What a load of BS, as if 'MTB Only'. These people have clearly eroded their credibility by attempting to misinform some of the locals.

and oh no, did I miss my last opportunity to ever speak up about it? What a load of BS!

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"about how council money gets used to clear land to make

soccer fields
basketball fields
general playing areas"

Not to mention bloody Golf Courses. At least other playing fields can generally be used by the whole community outside of game times. Golf courses, many of which are council land, are off limits to everyone except pot bellied codgers in tartan pants and daggy shoes.

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I love golf. And golf courses. And every time I play (not that often) I always think...

"How good would a bit of singletrack go round here"

You know, snaking thru the trees behind each hole, joined up to make a singletrack loop round the perimeter of the course.
It should be mandatory for every council course. Smiling Wishful thinking!

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I've never done a night ride around all 18 holes of Moore Park.

Never. I swear.

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Two golf courses are struggling financially at the moment, North Turramurra and Gordon. Its put down to poor management but I think it' just an indicator of the decline in golf. If they gave up one fairway, filled it with single track, and charged $5 or $10 to ride it for a few hours, and marketed it, i think they would realise it's time to start giving up more fairways. They could even build the trail between the fairways in the rough etc. Volunteers would build it.

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This guys received one so was proactive enough to send a letter to council warning them.

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