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User Groups?

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By Rob - Posted on 12 October 2009

This is a rather simplistic, mostly tongue in cheek diagram of user groups.

No disrespect is meant by the term 'Greenies' just that fitted in the circle easier than 'environmentalists'.

Basically it points out that most MTB riders are also environmentalists. Most probably drive cars too. There are many more car drivers than both these groups. There are a lot of irresponsible idiots in the world but most of them don't ride bikes (as they are probably too unfit from living irresponsible lifestyles) or care about the environment. I deduce there a lot of irresponsible idiots in the world due to the fact that humans as a whole are killing the planet. Sad but true.

Anyhow - don't take it too seriously but you get the point - there's a lot of overlap between environmentalists and MTB riders and a whole lot more people outside both of these groups that are more of a worry to both then they are a worry to each other.

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Good for concept. I think a higher proportion of greenies drive cars than indicated.

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You need to do it 3D Smiling Where are the grinies-non-bikers-car-drivers?
Appart from that it is a nice drawing with a lesson related to who are against our beloved sport...

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