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Unfair Advantage?

Something tells me one of these kids is a little more serious than the rest...


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Seat Bottle Opener

Some bikes already have built in bottle openers (shaped into their drop outs for example) but for those without such luxurious frames one can now add this feature to just about any saddle:

Perfect for your SS races.

More here:

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Got me a new rig to suit the wet conditions we have had lately, Note the Fox' Float' front fork...Dig it eh...?

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This is some weird sh!t:

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Relaxing on a Sunday

It was rather nice to be able to get up and relax this morning. Breakie (naturally of bacon, beans & eggs) while watching Le Tour from last night.

Then a nice sneaky ride at the Dam just after midday that didn't even require leg warmers showed signs of spring on the horizon.

What a perfect day weekend Smiling

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How to sell a bike...

Creative marketing skills - love the photos too...

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Reading material

A nice collection of reading material to thumb through here. Any guesses as to this fine location? Eye-wink

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Belrose River?

One of my colleagues just sent this mail... stay away from trails in the area Eye-wink

I’ll be working from Home today to supervise Sydney Water as they dig up my backyard in search of the blockage that is causing the river of poo flowing thru Belrose.

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