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Extraordinary Loads on Ordinary Bikes

Yet another slide show of silly ways to carry things on bikes:

Follow the link for more...

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Old World MTB Championships

I wont be there but there might be someone on here able to represent nobmob - Bernd maybe?

Old World MTB Championships

Held in Bergen NH, near Schoorl in Holland.

Designed especially for those of you who still love your early mountain bikes (pre–1995), this event will be a time-warp, fun-packed weekend of challenges, retro bike shows and quality riding - all with like-minded people from around the globe!

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Drivetrain WTF!

Yeah - good luck with figuring that out! Eye-wink

From here:
And here: Spoilers in the comments - don't read this if you want to guess what it is Eye-wink

P.S. My guess is the hub has a sliding mechanism inside whereby it's driven by either the large cog or small cog, providing two speed shifting at the rear (and two at the front, for four speed overall).

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Fat Cyclist Letter to Assos

Spotted the link on MTB-OZ and rather humorous it is too:

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Dream Bike Carrier?

At first thought maybe... But it's hardly economical and can't drive to trails up fire roads (or most likely even over the curb to get to them) so no thanks! Think this explains the poor choice of bike on said carrier! Sticking out tongue

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