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Fun in a carpark?

Check it out:

Although this looks like a fall could be painful. Imagine this kind of stuff built over a foam pit - how cool would that be? For softies? Eye-wink

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How silly are those red shoes?

Not at all - they look cool!
8% (3 votes)
A bit - but he says they are comfy & that's what counts.
13% (5 votes)
Lots - but not as bad as Cupcake's shorts.
35% (14 votes)
Obscenly stupid - won't be seen with them!
38% (15 votes)
Eh - what are you talking about?!
8% (3 votes)
Total votes: 40
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Ride Mars!

You know you're addicted when...

... you see this article and wonder what the riding will be like:,251...

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No joke, this tire is called a GAZZA SHUTTLE:

Which is rather ironic given it has more hair than him! Laughing out loud

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State the obvious...

Check out these forks:

In the features:

Not V-Brake compatible


... maybe it's just been a hard day? Eye-wink

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For your next wilderness trip?

Oh, I see they have a returns policy, that could be interesting for them! Laughing out loud

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Those Crazy Dutch

Secret training, eh? Warning, scum content, but still amusing I thought:

Laughing out loud

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I sense...

A joke unfolding...

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