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Unfair Advantage?

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By Rob - Posted on 25 September 2010

Something tells me one of these kids is a little more serious than the rest...


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He isn't wearing clip in's...

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its never too early to start doping ~! Smiling

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Brilliant photo - that one is coming up at the 21st for sure Eye-wink

muvro's picture

That's almost embarrasing... LMAO

If he's not careful, he's gonna get done for a false start. lol

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What about the girl next to him, with limited or no vision! Sticking out tongue

Rob's picture

Why are you assuming the serious rider is a boy? The colour of those trainers would say different.

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his road bike is worth more than mine. Eye-wink

chickensalad12's picture

Lightweight wheelset?

No way.

Scottboy's picture

bike will win as red is faster, it always is

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i agree with rob the colour of the trainers and with such little arms and legs its gotta be a she is totally colour co-ordinated!! u can imagine in 15yrs time how bad a n+1 syndrome they will have!!

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I bet with all that gear will still lose.... well at least i know i would Sticking out tongue

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The bloke in the hat and cargo shorts has to be her Dad - you think he's trash talking the opposition? He's gotta be sledging the others.

"You pedal like a bunch of School Girls!"

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