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Goodbye to Lidsdale Ride

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By Flynny - Posted on 14 September 2010

Just got a call from SF and it would appear they need to move the logging of Lidsdale forward. Infact logging may start on the Eastern side of Forest Ridge Road as early as October.

Anyway thought it might be nice to get a fairwell to the forest ride happening sometime mid october.

The plan would be hit up the XC loop on the Sunday morning and then head over the highway to play around on the steeper more technical trails in the hardwood in the afternoon.

anyone keen?

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as i have never riden lidsdale i would be keen to get out there before it is gone,so would be a starter for this ride.

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Hey Craig

I thought you were heading up to Taree this weekend ?


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Flynny is talking mid october isn't he?

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sorry mate your right !

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if i can make it, i'm in!

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Sunday the 17th.

details here

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