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By Brian - Posted on 28 January 2010

Coming down the last section of the Dam before the hydro lab and my front tyre washed out. Feels like I have burnt my arm as I slid down the board walk Sad. I also took skin off my leg and have just noticed a decent egg sized lump forming on my knee.

Kev came off trying to avoid me and while I was sitting there (off the track) recovering another guy crashed at the top. I was contemplating wearing my arm pads but decided to leave them in the car.

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Were the boards damp? They are like ice even with the slightest amount of moisture and you need to be real careful.

Put loads of Savlon on it and dress with Telfa Ouchless pad held on with tape or whatever you find suitable. Just at night to stop it oozing on your sheets. Depending on how much skin you loose the scab that forms could crack and then have to re-heal but this doesn't look large enough to do that (least I hope it's not).

Get well soon!

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They were damp but I have never felt they were that slippery. Probably not the smartest thing but I have never put anything on my wounds (which I have had plenty of lately) Sad as they have normally stopped oozing and dried in the sun. In saying that though this one is oozing nicely and I've just raided the cupboard and it looks like I need to top up the first aid kit Shocked

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Looks sore Brian! I got caught in the rain on my 2nd lap. It got VERY wet VERY quickly - was sketchy as!

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I'll give you all a tip ( I learnt the hard way).

If it's at all damp, stick to the wood, and at all means avoid the chains that hold them down! I came down hard once coming fast and at an angle onto the boardwalk. Hadn't even been raining, but was just covered in early morning dew. The chains were slippery as and my wheels just slid out under me completely unexpectedly. Corked thigh and a limp for a week. Have avoided riding on the edges of the boardwalk ever since as a result.

Talk about man-made obstacles...

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