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My new bike

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By Jonathan - Posted on 16 July 2010

Giant trance x2 2010

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Hows the bike going man? hope your putting some kays into it Eye-wink

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How did it go on yur ride today.Where was photo taken and what sort of camera did you use.

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the camera that i used was a Nikon d300 dslr with a 70-200mm f 2.8 lense and it was taken on a 50m or so trail which leads to the local oval, Its all downhill and is very fun Smiling

Ride and bike was great, we did quarry climb in reverse which definatly tested me and the bike out. first time i've gotten some really decent speed on the quarry track due to the bike, and climbing is dead easy!! going up some of the pinch climbs with really loose big rocks i could ride out of the seat bobbing away and didn't lose traction once.

One thing i did do to the bike tho was shorten the chain by two links, kept on dropping the chain on every decent. Otherwise awesome.


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Good move with the chain. They're almost always a couple of link pairs too long off the showroom floor. I don't understand why they do that. Puzzled

Don't forget to put a chainstay protector on - an old inner tube wrapped around like a tennis racquet grip will do the job. Secure the last wrap with a cable tie. This guy's done both ends, and I'd go as close as I could to either end to cover as much as possible, but it gives you the idea.

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I noticed you also lowered the stem, did it make much differance? Also what tyres are useing?
Nice camrea takes a good photo, you know a bit about cameras? I recently bought a Sony Nex-5 small and light for easier traveling am just begining first DSLR

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The stem was set up for me before i bought the bike so i couldn't tell you the difference before and after Smiling On the front im using a 2.1 maxxis rendez and on the back a 2.1 maxxis crossmark which i just notcied i have punctured Sad

I cant so im that familiar with sony's, only nikons Smiling

And the chainstay has already been done.

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