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By Rob - Posted on 08 October 2010

Not a bad turnout... could we have got 1% of the 1000s of riders that use the trails in the region every week?

The discussion wasn't bad either, despite the way it looks like the guy in the back row (closest to camera) has fallen asleep - just think he was stretching Eye-wink

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I tried uploading a photo of the whiteboard content and a photo of the crowd but can't see it up. Was the photo too crappy or still getting vet'ed?

Was hoping to get ambushed by anti-recreationists (certainly baited the hook enough) after the meeting but was jumped instead by a couple of keen local riders. doh! Such is fishing!

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Yep, most likely your pics are sitting in a moderation queue. They should appear shortly...

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Nothing in the queue Noel Sticking out tongue

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