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NSW NPWS mountain biking public forum (Sydney North)

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By Rob - Posted on 21 September 2010

Thursday, 7 October, 2010 - 18:00
2 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Turramurra Bowling Club, 181 Bobbin Head Road, Turramurra

181 Bobbin Head Road, Turramurra

As some may know, the National Parks and Wildlife Service has released a discussion paper on mountain biking opportunities in the state's national parks and reserves. They have invited comment on the proposals in the paper and help shape our Cycling Policy and Mountain Biking Strategy. This paper can be downloaded here:

Although no official communication has been made, we have it on good authority that this date/time/place is set for the Sydney North public forum on this topic.

Please RSVP to 13PARK (137275) or [email protected]

If you cannot make this meeting, please take a minute to visit the URL above and comment on at least one of the aspects of the paper. Just a simple indication you are behind sustainable single track trails for mountain biking in National Parks is all that is required.

Numbers mean everything in this matter and there are sure to be plenty of opponents of MTB present on the night!

If you can make this meeting, see you there! Please spread the word Smiling

Who's in?
Rob, Greg P, Noel, hawkeye, Brian, trailburner, nrthrnben, Jeff, ps (9 riders)
Rob Greg P Noel hawkeye Brian trailburner nrthrnben Jeff ps
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LadyToast's picture

I'll still be work when it starts. Do you think I could turn up late?

Logan's picture

I am afraid.

Dont finish work till 6pm.

nrthrnben's picture

Its better that people turn up late, rather than not at all, numbers Smiling

nrthrnben's picture

We really need to get more confirmations people, we have to show them that we really need this, please turn up and show your support in numbers, bring a mtb friend.

Indicate "your in" above

Call 137275 to RSVP your attendees, takes 2mins max

hawkeye's picture

I will register shortly but am likely to be late.

Thinks to self: depart work 4:40, ride 30km home, arrive 6:15pm, get changed, eat coupla bits of fruit and hop in car - hrrrnnngggh... I'm guessing I'll arrive 7-7:15pm. Sad

The Brown Hornet's picture

Better late than never.

Ray R's picture

See you there,

(I'll also send out an email to all members to reply to the online survey)

Brian's picture

Are you meant to get a confirmation of attendance email?

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Please RSVP to 13PARK (137275) or [email protected]
Brian's picture

I sent the email but jut hadn't heard back.

The Brown Hornet's picture

They close at 1630hrs so don't expect one now.

I RSVPed by phone a few weeks back and the guy said he'll pass on my name (whatever that means) so I assume they've booked me a seat at the grown ups table!

ps's picture

no response yet so I don't think you will get one.

Noel's picture

I rego'd by email weeks ago and have not heard back.

nrthrnben's picture

When i called, i said "can i please rsvp for the northern sydney mountain bike forum", she said "yes", took all my details, and confirmed me.

didnt take very long.

nrthrnben's picture

We need more, indicate your in above^

And RSVP to "13PARK"

Brian's picture

Are you saying I need to call as well

nrthrnben's picture

but im sure they are not going to bar anyone from entry, rsvp or not.

Will there be enough seats/tea and coffee for everyone, who knows Eye-wink

Lach's picture

Saw what looked like an official NPWS notice taped to a pole at the Arterial Rd end of the Twin Creeks track today - covered in plastic, with the little tear-off strips at the bottom - advertising the forum last Thursday. Haven't seen them anywhere else (although the only other area I've been in recently is LCNP and there was nothing that I noticed at the De Burgh's bridge entry). Seems like an odd place for it, given that there's only 1.6km of legit trail at that end of Twin Creeks??

Maybe just a concerned local?

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