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24 Hour Gazza

Rob's picture

By Rob - Posted on 11 October 2010

World number 15? Well done mate, but how about top 10 next year? Sticking out tongue

Given the look on the face, one shudders to think what Martine is doing back there! Eye-wink

GAZZA's picture

are no flattering pics of me ever put on this site?
while i'm here, my feet feel like ive been walking on hot coals, i have no feeling in my left hand, my whole body aches like it ridden a rutted, technical as hell mtb course for a whole day without sleep and my ass???? ever looked at a baboon from behind and thought "that looks sore!" well mine is much worse than that!

Rob's picture

Eh? It's not that bad mate. Was just trying to congratulate you on your bl00dy top effort.

Notice I said nothing about a baboon's ass or anything!... but if the shoe fits... Eye-wink

LadyToast's picture

Great pic Gazza, you should be proud!

craked's picture

I think the pic sums up how you must be feeling, well done.

Damien's picture

Fist class effort in a tough competetive age group.

Well Done.

brakeburner's picture

that expression is a classic!!

ar_junkie's picture

Sign me up for the next one please!

Top stuff mate, have you had any signs of life below the waist yet?

Scottboy's picture

top class stuff ,shame I wasn't there to see it all unfold you done well , next time use ur BuTT cream

GAZZA's picture

this was till about 5am till the garmin ran out of power(and so did i if you look at my steadily declining heartrate!)

Carlgroover's picture

If I had to ride a Cannondale the whole race I too would look like that, have you noticed that Jason English and I both ride Pivots and never sit in the pits Eye-wink

Good onya Gaz top race on the toughest track I've seen.


Rob's picture

LOL... nice one. You went out far too hard though. You'll know for next year, eh? Eye-wink

You'll have to get an external battery pack for next year too... .or mod. the device with a larger battery - would be an easy job for a 305 and less expensive if it goes wrong Laughing out loud

Brian's picture

Awesome race Gazza. I'm blown away by you solo nutters.

LadyToast's picture

That heart rate graph is a classic!

Harry's picture

or does anyone else have images of the bull dog in the Com Bank ad - "I'm very fi' can give you 'undred"

How's the body now a week later?

GAZZA's picture

Went out and did some hills yesterday on the road with Rob and felt suprisingly good. Would have ridden earlier but the scabs on the "undercarriage" were still a bit raw untill yesterday!

Harry's picture

Mate I don't even dream of riding as far as you did - Just another level from us mortals.

GAZZA's picture

just a little more stupid!

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