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Singleton MTB track

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By jaseh - Posted on 30 November 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

located on Maison dieu Rd, entry opposite Dights crossing Rd. 5km of legal singletrack with more to come.

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looks good I wanna try them for sure

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looks like a neat track is it on someones property? do you need permision to ride it?

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How far off the highway is the track?

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nice, more trail is always a good thing.

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It's about 2km off the highway through the industrial estate. Its LHPA land, or more commonly known as as travelling stock route. Your allowed to ride bikes in any TSR, we were lucky enough for our local ranger to allow us to build some tracks.

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I work down the road in Pokolbin-on an easy day I might have to sneak up there for a spin!

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So your supplying wine at the next GTA or HMBA build day.........sweet.

When's a ride day planned for jase?

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Every days a ride day!

Except the next few days with all this rain.

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An idea of how this track came about can be found here,

And here,

we're not the most organised bunch but we got the job done.

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Nice work... took the liberty of posting it here and linking to the trail. Hope you don't mind. See:

Erm... yes, it looks a bit odd there, but a lot better when viewing in Google Earth. If this can be split into sections, each with their own name and description (eg. which parts are climbs, which technical, etc.) that would be better.

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hmm. not sure those corners are IMBA standard!!!!!!!

the ones on the gps map that is

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Thanks Rob. I haven't worked out how to get the elevations on google earth yet to put it up like that. Haven't really tried.
Got no names yet for any of the tracks but I'll leave that up to the trail fairies.

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