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By jonob - Posted on 04 March 2011

Lane Cove national park. Over the handle bars on the concrete while wearing my safety singlet (haha). The lovely nurses at hornsby hostipal were kind enough to clean it out with peroxide. :|

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The bike's ok
Remember skin heals for free, parts cost money Smiling
that does look like you'll pay through lack of sleep for a few days though Eye-wink

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how loud did you scream when they used peroxide?

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Were they the slabs of concrete poured on the steep section heading up the west side of the valley towards the playing fields? That's gnarly rough concrete!Sad

Hope those black marks on your lower back are friction burns and not ground-in dirt, or you could have some abstract dirt tattoos to impress the chicks with! Or is that just your hairy butt? Evil

(Aside: is that actually true about scars, or are we just kidding ourselves? Puzzled )

Heal well. I'm guessing you'll be sleeping on your stomach for a few weeks.

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Looks sore!

Most of it appears quite superficial, but the rash on your lower back looks like it will puss and weep for a few weeks. I'd be looking at some of those moist dressings discussed in another thread if I were you.

Good luck and hope you heal soon fella

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Bike is repairable. Luckly i was riding the girlfriend because mine was getting serviced. They gave me No2 so instead of screaming i was giggling away.
@hawkeye. Thats the place.

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hope the girlfriend is OK Eye-wink

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All i can say in sympathy is - YEP. It doesnt really tickle...

BUT - if my experience is anything to learn from - go straight to your Dr and get some antibiotics!!!!

Trust me.

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That looks nasty. Hope you heal up ok. That is some sharp concrete to land on. That section has 3 main fast steep bits, heading down, was it up near the top, the middle one, or down towards the end? Is there a land mark, what happened in detail if you don't mind?

Was it about 2 years ago a 50+ bloke had a heart attack and passed away going up that hill?

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NO2 - had that stuff when they were putting my shoulder back in. Didn't do much for the pain in my case, nor was I laughing much, but man, it did make the ceiling spin! Whee!

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