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Result of 2/3 of my brake lever "exploring" my inner thigh after stack at OMV

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By Tristania - Posted on 14 May 2013

Finally uploaded from over a month ago after a stack at low speed around that sharp hairpin after steep roll-down at top of track (you know the one), and somehow managed to land on my brake lever (fun). Luckily it just bruised the inside of my leg rather than hit a tendon or artery. Quick visit to Hornsby Hospital, being first thing Saturday morning, before the sports injuries, but destroyed my entire intended training weekend Sad

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It could have been worse, just ask Andy Bloot. His was impaled a little higher, and shall we say a little more centred. There was a pic on here a few years back but I'm not sure if it has been censored for its content. Hope you have healed up with no infections.

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And I get what you're talking about... always became awkward with discussions when ladies brought that up though! Yeah it's fine now... The effects were interesting - had the cut in one place, the visible bruising in another, and the actual pain in yet another location! But no infection, was up and running (literally) in three days after being told it wouldn't cause damage and is now a good scar!

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Nasty but could have been worse.

A mate severed 3/4 of the circumference at the base of his manhood on his brake lever while talking riding along a firetrail.

Fully repaired now I hear.

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A experienced downhill rider friend often reminds me not to over-tighten brake and gear levers so they can move on the bars in case of incident. We leave them so they can move a little.

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Also reduces the chance of breaking any bike parts mounted on the bars in a stack too.

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I broke mine off the bars through the master cylinder in an otherwise harmless OTB when I clipped a tree stump with my pedal at speed in Kiwarrak. That was the end of my riding weekend.

I remember that photo of Bloot.

I'd prefer not to. TMI. Barf!

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