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11 The Doc performs surgery on the damaged hose. Pic by Pikey

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By Stuart M - Posted on 23 June 2007

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when visiting the bushes Gaz its customary to face the other way Sticking out tongue

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hose is that the Doc was working on

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Thats still got to be one of the best otb's i've ever seen.

Yet another OTB, Pic taken by Gary

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ive always been known to be an exhibitionist! and you'll really find that out with my new colour of footwear!

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you are the style master!

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or just you needed as much sunlight as possible to try and find it?

Sam, you're right. One of my best and sadly also probably the last one I have done. Just reaffirms that I haven't been riding enough of the right type of trails of late.

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Gazza has got some verry pretty new shoes all you need to do to get home I would imagine is click the heels together.

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His MTB shoes?

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They are really nice and very very white almost glow in the dark white they are the nicest bling mtb shoes I have seen.

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mine are the full white with no blue. in fact the lorica bits(fake leather) are kinda pearlecent! i know what youre saying... w....r!

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These shoes are starting to look at home on a float Eye-wink

For the perfect clip in give me a pair of Volleys and a roll of duct tape any time.


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Something like this road shoe?

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Are they Shimano white shoes?!


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They are the shoes I posted just with the blue replaced by white.

Sidi Dragon II Carbon, just don't ask him how much or where he got them from, it might set him off again

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I have seen them and they are simply beautiful....pearlescent they are.
Very white.

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