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Canberra Rd Trip Day 2 Sparrow hill

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By Stuart M - Posted on 01 May 2007

Saturday, 9 June, 2007 - 09:30
8 hours
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Sparrow Hill
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Sparrow Hill


Day 2: a later than usual start to allow those coming down from Sydney the chance to get there in time.

This place is by far the best place I have ever ridden and think a day there should be no probs at all.

As a suggestion we start with a group ride of the full loop, back to the cars for a BBQ lunch or maybe a run back into Queenbeyan for lunch, then back onto the trails for an arvo of fun. Maybe roid boys can do a quick lap and the rest of us can go back to the particularly sweet parts, lets play all that by ear.

Again any locals that would like to join us and show us around or just tag along then please feel free.

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Ummm, here is the Bureau's weather report for Tuesday 13/05/2007. Can I borrow someone's thermals? Brrrrr....

Forecast for Tuesday:
An early shower or two in Canberra clearing to a fine and partly cloudy day with cold, fresh westerly winds. Isolated showers persisting about the ranges, falling as snow above 1100 metres early.

Precis: Becoming fine and windy.
City: Min 4 Max 12
Tuggeranong: Min 3 Max 11

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Hopefully it warms up by the time we arrive, temps in the high teens would be nice. Going by last years snow season this might be the only snow fall of the year.

Going to fit cleats to my ug boots tonight just in case!

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Does that mean we may have to hear the sound of our tyres breaking the puddles that have frozen over? Its not a pleasant sound.

ditts how about long cycling knicks? Smiling

I'm cold already just thinking about it


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No, I don't have any special cycle wear for cold weather. Have to make do with T-shirts that will rug me up a bit more. Once you are riding it is warm enough though. So no waiting around!! More cycling, less waiting!! Sticking out tongue

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Went through the cupboard last night looking for exactly that. My circa 1987 lycra longs, no detailed description needed I'm sure. Fortunately for all of us I wasn't able to find them. Might have to ride with my armour on to try and keep warm.

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.....longs I hope! Keep looking, this will be worth a photo or two Laughing out loud
Think I will be taking the arm & leg warmers. For anyone who hasnt got any they are the best $50 you can spend for winter cycling.

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I've had these for a while, but just added them to the bottom of our Sparrow Hill report:

One of them at least will be hopefully loaded in my Edge!

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Following the outside loop Rob it's pretty hard to get too lost. We will also have 4 or 5 1/2 A4 sized colour maps to share around, I figure we stay as a group of 20 for too long.


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