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Final Jersey Design

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By Rob - Posted on 27 August 2007

This is the chosen colour scheme for the NoBMoB Jersey. These are proper cycling jerseys of course, not just tees, made by Scody (you've seen their gear in the shops, right?). So, get them while they are hot :)

You know the drill, add a comment with size/quantity if you want one, we'll keep a running total.

Pricing was... erm... around $110 each if we get 25. Naturally more is cheaper. Considering most event jerseys are often over 100 bucks it's not so bad.

Chest cm87-9192-9697-101102-106107-111112-116
Waist cm71-7677-8182-8687-9192-9697-101
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Order is in folks... sorry, no more additions from.... erm.... NOW!

Rob1 x L, 1 x XS
Caro1 x S
ar_junkie1 x M, 2 x S
9-lives1 x L
Evan2 x XL
pikey1 x XL
Bruce1 x L
Steve 011 x L
lorrie1 x M
christine1 x S
davis_jnr1 x L
kiwiboy 1 x L 1 x XL, 1 x S
craigs1 x M
Nmag1 x M
Bernd1 x L
Andy Bloot1 x L 1 x XL
tienster1 x S
Little-Ditty1 x XL
Justin1 x XXL, 1 x L
Gary1 x M
Harry1 x XL
Buck1 x M
Andrew1 x XL
Carlgroover1 x XL
Heckler1 x XL

Total: 32

Caro's picture

Nice work!

One in size S please, thank you Smiling

ar_junkie's picture

1 x M
2 x S

So have we got them yet?

evan's picture

Nice work to the designer.
2x XL for me please. Smiling


Matt's picture

I'll have an L please.


pikey's picture

...for an XL.

Nice work design team! Even if its not pink Eye-wink


Bruce's picture

one large please.

Steve 01's picture

one large thanks

christine's picture

one small please

davis_jnr's picture

x 1 please...

GAZZA's picture


kiwiboy's picture

well faux nobmobbers qualify right?
I mean, we are really southern types, but hey, you guys are much more interesting.
1 x L and 1 x S please.

pikey's picture

....actually run a tape around the chest?

I did and was surprised to fall within the XL size bracket! (Just)

Looking at the sizes some have nominated I think a recheck maybe in order?

Remember these things are tight to start with and are often based on asian sizes.

Good Luck


kiwiboy's picture

so 1 x S
1 x XL
maybe was being optimistic.....
if at first you don't succeed, try not to look astonished.

lorrie's picture

Is there any chance they can send a sample size down? After all 25 odd shirts at $110 each is a big order. So surely they see it as a business interest to send one or two sample sizes down...


Stuart M's picture

Its lycra and will stretch. Follow the size chart above and you should be OK.

BTW if you come in at bigger than a large then its probably a clue that lycra shouldn't be for you.

Remember Not a good look hey?

christine's picture

I am not asking for a sample - when on earth do you think everyone will be together for a try on?
We have to get our order in by Monday to have the jerseys in time for the Mont 24hr so just dont have time - this whole thing has taken MONTHS as it is...
Try the tape i say... she who is praying her chest may have grown.. Smiling

Stuart M's picture

aren't you off men at the moment? You've just gone N+1 on the bike front, are you hoping to do the human equivalent or do you have shares in Dow Corning? Eye-wink

pikey's picture

.... (Stuart) as I have graduated from the Lower Oxford Falls School of Lycra.
The teacher was Professor GAZZA!

Hey Christine, instead of Lycra what about denim or flannelette?

I wonder if you can buy Ugg Boots that can take cleats?

Stuart M's picture

you could always cut the sole off a pair and then put the uppers over the top of your "normal" shoes.

"You've got the look" Pikey Eye-wink

craigs's picture

looks like my size... ta

When does the roady or should I say cross training (you boys know who you are) version come out with matching nix....

Noel's picture

May as well get one while they are available

1 x M pls

Bernd's picture

with a Large ,
even after all the home brew I'll fit in a L!!!!!
1 x L for me, please.

Andy Bloot's picture

will have to get used to the lycra look

tienster's picture


Little-Ditty's picture

please put me down for 1 x XL

(I can't believe I am doing this)

Bernd's picture


Stuart M's picture

I didn't realise you had a little brother!?

Ditty, what are you doing to me, I thought I could atleast rely on you to hold out with me for the "free ride" style jersey I hear is in the wind (and hopefully before the knicks)?

Bruce's picture

you know you want one!

Stuart M's picture

You need to be asking yourselves "Do you want to see ME in one and would you ride beside me if I was wearing one?"

I didn't think so

Bruce's picture

....what we look like, if you want a freeride style jersey just order a larger one. You don't want to be the odd one out do you?

Stuart M's picture

Aren't I?

Paul's picture

It's OK to be different.

I'll join you in resisting the pressure from those with a lycra fetish, beside black and blue clash with my complexion.

Caro's picture

order it in XL and cut off the ends at the sleves and the bottom part, that would almost make a DH style shirt Smiling

ar_junkie's picture


Stuart M's picture

particularly now the nights are warming up

pikey's picture

.... if you take up Caroline's fashion tip you would then be wearing a "mid drift tank top boob tube"

I'd pay to see that!


Caro's picture

boob tube!?!
Love your idea pikey, a bit scary though Eye-wink
But if he was riding a Specialized at the same time it would all make sense Laughing out loud

Gary's picture

Nice jersey put me down for a medium.

Carlgroover's picture

but now I'm not so sure!
I think I will have an XL.
Really I will.

Andy Bloot's picture

I need to change mine to an extra large
Better safe than sorry

Harry's picture

1 XL please

MTY's picture

Is there a plan to make matching nixs as well

Buck's picture

I can't be the only one in the Mont team not wearing one!

1 X Medium please


Andrew's picture

1xXL for me thanks.

christine's picture

and sent off

Rob's picture

Just had this update... apparently the Jerseys will leave QLD next week (15th) so guess they will be here in Sydney a few days later.

Stay tuned for the exact delivery time, but am guessing quiet a few people can collect theirs at The Mont?

evan's picture

Cheers for update Rob

christine's picture

according to our 'super rep' up there...
wooo hoooo Smiling

Little-Ditty's picture

I still can't believe this...

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