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my new scar!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 21 September 2007

just been to hospital to get my stitches out. ouch!!!

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Damn that's a good scar.

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thats makes me queasy just looking at it!

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Mate, that's a massive zipper. I agree with Andrew. I am queasy just looking at it. Sad

Gilbo's picture

awwww! - good work Gaz.

Bernd's picture

I'm sick....good one.

Stuart M's picture

Geez mate the break on the other arm must have been bad, or was there trueth to those rumours ;-0

Paul's picture

Appears to be healing well - you must be itching to mount up again.

Get Christine to massage it with vitamin E - that should reduce the scarring.

ar_junkie's picture

The lacing of the old style leather rugby balls...

Gaz, ur going to have to extend your tat collection to incorporate the zipper... Eye-wink

blue_poppy's picture

The scar is impressive but you might need a better story than "I fell off my bike" to pull the babies...

Stuart M's picture

If he uses the "I fell off my bike" line he will pull the babies but I'm sure he has already worked out a thousand other lines to pull the babes Eye-wink

pikey's picture

....who the hell stitched you up? the local girl guides sewing club?

You’re lucky the girls dig scars.


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that is definitely one to bring out at the pub!

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holy sh^% man thats massive! any indication of healing time? (read: time before back on the pushy? Smiling ) at least you can say i was fanging a massive jump at a downhill and snapped my arms, and its actually true! instead of some of our more unworthy stories like i was tired and hit a parked car lol (not me i swear hehe)

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the chicks will drool...


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I've only just seen this
If it weren't for the ridiculous pain, time off bike and associated bad moods and lingering after effects, I would be happy with a scar like that. A+

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