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the gazzernator!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 26 September 2007

Got this trendy thing put on instead of the cast. Could have done with this on when I crashed, major protection.

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Bit late, but still very much fresh in many minds...

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You can feel the pain!

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Mate, yes, I feel your pain. Just looking at it sends a wave of nerves through my body. We are all sure to learn from your lesson Gaz. Sad

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good photos the odd angle of the elbow! glad there was no sound on them pics otherwise everyone would have heard me screaming like a baby!

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OMG Shaun you captured the moment...makes me squirm..poor Gazza!

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...Gazza, looking at you in this most difficult moment of your life I can't help but feel that non of this would have happened if you retained in your uniform of choice....Lycra! Denim didn't do it for you!

Get well soon.


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