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By shano - Posted on 01 December 2011

Rebuilt old frame into a single speed commuter/mtb.
Gearing is 32:20 for all the big hills round hornsby Eye-wink
Wide bars 700 with some foam grips will finish the job!

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You're going to be spinning your legs off with that gearing though!

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yeah. With a 26er, 32:18 is good for lots of steep hills.

Also, take a link or 2 out of your chain and run it on the other side of the tensioner, this will give more wrap around the cog.

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Thanks for the tip. Eye-wink
Ok so I have shortened the chain after switching the rear cog for a 17T.
Gave this a short test ride around the block on the weekend on a short climb and got over it no problem.
Legs will get stronger and seems to be a more sensible (less than 120rpm) cadence wise on the flats.
Hopefully, the ability to carry over the momentum downhill will help get over the climbs more efficiently.


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thats it.

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had a minor hick up on a hill climb, there was a cracking sound and slack in the chain.
the roller arm had slipped back and rotated down so its no in contact with the chain as tight as it should have been.
the roller arm mounts via the wheel skewer and has an adjustable bolt for some rotation.
probably both of these need to be very tight. may have to put a washer on the bolt to stop in sliding under full load.

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