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Rebuilt old frame into a single speed commuter/mtb.
Gearing is 32:20 for all the big hills round hornsby Eye-wink
Wide bars 700 with some foam grips will finish the job!

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What has happeend to the SS 'cult'?

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Depending on the way you view them (love or hate?) it's always sad for a 'cult' of any kind of once trendy fashion - the day your average punter takes what was once an icon of cool and makes of mockery of it.

The cult of SS (single speed) that has been growing in popularity really crossed that line for me today.

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A nice surprise in the mail

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Got home after a very ordinary day at work, and look what was waiting for me Smiling

'Tis a Spot Rocker 29er belt drive single-speed. First time for me on both a 29er and a singlespeed.

The weather looks promising for the weekend, although unfortunately the Dam is probably still going to be too wet. Once I've had a couple of rides by myself to get used to the thing, I'll probably organise a Show and Tell ride for those who might be interested. Eye-wink

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Commuter after SS conversion

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Commuter converted to a Singlespeed.

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whisperer SS Drivetrain

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whisperer SS Side View

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My new toy

Here is my new toy 29 inches of steel.

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