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Commuter after SS conversion

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By lozza6 - Posted on 27 October 2008

Commuter converted to a Singlespeed.


Commuter before SS conversion

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Erm... you seem to have one too many rings there! Sticking out tongue

Also - this gear looks like it'll be a killer to push up hills, have you got any other options to use?

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Well I don't have any spacers so had to leave on the middle ring in order to still be able to bolt the big ring to the cranks.

Gear can be rough, but fortunately the majority of my route is flat. Just a few pinches here and there.

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Singlator - Lozza you can run the chain over or under the Singlator but if you run it over the top the chain is tighter on the rear cog and may alleviate any chain skipping.

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Lozza You can pick up spacers from most Bike shops I think mine cost me $10 from Inner City Cycles on Glebe Point road and they are almost on your way home as well.....

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I had the same problem at my fist attempt.
With the singlator underneath the chain has much better 'wrap' over the sprocket.
If the chain hits the chainstay, you can space the cog further inwards, but you'll have to move your chainwheel to the inside to maintain a good (straight) chainline.

what is your gearing?
I run 42x16 and it works for most of sydney although some of the extended hills really work the quads, core & forearms!

Have a look at my setup, and note how far 'in' I have my rear cog. I've also wrapped a bit of tape around the chainstay so the chain doesn't rattle so much. (neoprene would have been too thick) Would *really* like horizontal dropouts Smiling

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Yeap, I need to get some spacers.... but the middle ring is surprisingly featherweight! Unfortunately my crank has these nobs which stops me from being able to run teh big ring on the inside Sad I might be able to move the rear cog in 1 cassette spacer though and that might give it enough clearance to run the chain tensioner upwards....

Hopefully this will stop the skipping...

I am running 44-16 which is great as most of my ride is flat and even that gets quite spinny.... There are some pinches where its all or nothing.. and I have to be careful with my power delivery so as not to cause it to slip/skip.... I had trouble getting out of my driveway this morning! haha

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