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Norco Clunker

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By Gilbo - Posted on 05 February 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Picked up this old Norco clunker from a heap of kerbside trash near home. All set, although it wil prob need a new chain (is this ok or will i be in breach of the regs?)

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Looks great Gilbo. A new chain will make it ride like a new bike. Are you sure it's a Norco and not a promotional bike from Cadbury chocolate?? Or is it just a real bad photo?

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Good find. Smiling

Andy Bloot's picture

Things you find on the way back from a ride eh
Nice score Gilbo
Shine er up and bring her up to Scribbs for a try out

hathill's picture

That old girl has had the full FeO2 upgrade!
What are you riding Mr Bloot?

Gilbo's picture

It seems the camera in my phone decided to adjust for the sunlight by making everything look bluish/purple.

As for the chain, even with a dose of lube it is cactus. In light of the strict regs for this event I'll be replacing with an older worn chain. (would hate to get banned in my first attempt at this!)

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Gilbo, your spirit of fair play is an example to us all but I am afraid I will have to ban even myself if it was against the regs to change a chain. Riding that thing will be punishment enough for any replacement of parts.
I have an old KMC 8 speed chain with a powerlink if you need it btw.

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Lucky to find one in your size! Eye-wink

Username2's picture

You got front shockers!!!! Way too jealous!

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