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Slightly damaged Santa Cruz

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By Stuart M - Posted on 20 November 2007

What you find when you stop to check an "annoying creak"

davis_jnr's picture

Thats never good! Sorry to see it Matt Sad

Bernd's picture

no, holy sh....!
I hope you get the service,help you deserve from your dealer!!

Little-Ditty's picture

Sorry to see that. Sad I also hope you don't have too much trouble getting it replaced. Smiling

Matt's picture

I've posed the warranty question to the distributor, thanks for the photos Stuart, they'll undoubtedly help. Will update you on progress.

Fingers crossed...


Buck's picture

Damn thats a bit of a crack! Shocked

Good luck on the warranty claim

pikey's picture

....duct tape !!! there is nothing it can't fix Eye-wink

christine's picture

tape and stick he suggested!!

Stuart M's picture

the stick was going to end up on the bike Eye-wink

Caro's picture

That looks aweful! Sad
Hope you get it replaced on warranty in no time!
Good luck.

Matt's picture

You'll be happy to hear the distributor confirmed the warranty isn't an issue, I've just got to wait for the parts.

Big up the laid back guys at for their response on this, very friendly and no nonsense. I definitely wouldn't switch from the Santa Cruz now, though I probably wouldn't have anyway, even broken in two it's still the best bike I've had ;-}

Happy days,

Bernd's picture

onya and good on them!!!!!

GAZZA's picture

you havnt owned a specialized yet matt! Eye-wink

Bikersteve68's picture

Just wrap some old inner tubes around the affected scratch & your Mum will never notice (magic inner tubes go)

herzog's picture

That oughta buff right out...

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