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Dirty Drivetrain

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By Rob - Posted on 08 September 2007

On today's ride Superman (aka. Greg) broke his chain pumping up an impossible incline. Someone in the group hadn't done any chain repairs on the trail yet so was keen to learn.

Here's the resulting effort... job done, or did the tutor forget to mention one small detail?

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of the reasons they lost the war? Oops, sorry, don't mention the war

Buck's picture

So is the "someone" going to own up or do we have to name names Smiling

Noel's picture

Hey that front derailieireiieriier could be removed to save weight. Was that the plan?

davis_jnr's picture

Greg doesn't need any of the other chainrings as it is does he! Is that why we are calling him "Superman" Smiling

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