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Killer B

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By kitttheknightrider - Posted on 24 November 2012

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Nice one. How does it ride?

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Brian I am going to try and temper my response to that question given that I have been off any bike for probably the best part of 4 months, I think my last ride was with Hawkeye et al over at TH.

I rode the same trail last week on the Racer X, its a short trail not far from my house, under 10km round trip. Last week I felt skittish and unsure on the way down and struggled all the way back up the hill and when I got home I felt absolutely smashed, kind of embarrassing actually. So given that with this very unfit motor, not a lot of bike time to compare to and less than 40 mins on the bike today my guarded response is, I'm grinning from fu#$in@ ear to ear. It goes down with all of the grace and manners that you would expect from a 10 point something kg, 140mm travel CF hardtail but so stable and so much fun, yet it climbs as well as you'd expect a 100mm CF hardtail to climb, got to love the Talas, can't wait till it's a few rides old and gets a little smoother in its travel.

For the first time in a long time, I went to get out and ride again. Knew I should have waited till the house was finished before I christened it.

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Good to hear!

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Stu, cool pic... and you officially beat the German on to tweener wheels!

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P & L this arvo, bumped into a couple of old mates and enjoyed a nice cold beer or two post ride.

Is it too early to say this love? With the bike, of course, not my old mates Eye-wink

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Just make sure you get some use out of it?

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I'll try to Gazza.

Does anyone know a decent chippie to help me finish this house faster?


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But you couldn't afford him!

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I reckon a few bottles of red may help Smiling

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ouch Gaz, have you got some aloe vera because I think I just got burnt?

kitttheknightrider's picture

there might be a swarm of Killer B's on your tale soon.

A mates newest addition

Van Nic

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