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Latest Giant - sneek peak from Overseas

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By kiwiboy - Posted on 02 January 2008

as seen in a shop window in Kuala Lumpur..
what the..?

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Wow, what style, any word on when they're coming to Oz?

sykesey's picture

Erm,, one question, why??

Giant, makers of the STP, Glory and many other really really great bikes pump out a stupid looking silver "comfort/style" bike?

blackbetty's picture

well its clearly not the new glory.... most bike manufacturers have some sort of weird looking road/ leisure bike.

i must say though,,, absolutely hideous.

Flynny's picture

stupid looking comfort/style bikes still out sell everything else put together?

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Carlgroover's picture

It's a rigid single speed with great stand over clearance.

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The Trek Lime is a three-speed automatic. There is a generator in the front hub that provides the power for this and the lights

blackbetty's picture

wow, someone's knowledgeable on their Trek Lime's.

Paul's picture

Looks very similar to the Cannondale Lemon

Alex's picture

arnt all cannondales lemons? hahahaha Eye-wink

alchemist's picture

Nah, just more knowledgeable on who makes what singlespeeds

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in that picture ? kind of looks like your bike , well maybe even better looking too with just a few upgrades Smiling

Alex's picture

haha yeh theyve reduced the price of their derailleur hangers to 5 grand now so thats better at least

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