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Oops Ditty

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By Rob - Posted on 07 January 2008

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You can see a large rock obstruction further up the trail??? The jump, at speed, off that obstacle came unstuck on the landing. Front wheel wash out, after getting a bit crossed up in the air. But it was fun, and what we were there for. Looks pretty innocuous in the photo, but it was a solid hit to the body. Hah, the one fingered brake dabbing didn't do much!! Smiling

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ohhh shiittt!!!good thing for the full facer mate,would love to have a run on that course

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looks like you all had a blast.

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Reckon thats worth sending in the MBA photo comp section!
Ditty got the look mate!
Nice line - straight for the haybale! Eye-wink
Good landing technique...


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