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Wylde Roly Poly crash today - Lost Helmet

Hi all,

A guy named Michael came off on the Roly Poly today at Wylde MTB park.
I suspect his shoulder may have dislocated and popped back in.
We helped him back to the car park where somebody came to meet him and take him and his car home.

I wanted to post this because he left his Helmet in my car as we were taking him and his bike back.
I'm fairly sure he said he was from the North Shore, so I thought I would try my luck on here.

He rides a yellow 27.5 inch dually, can't remember which brand.
If any of you happen to know him please put him in touch with me.

Thanks, Zeb

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Video: 2013 Another year of #Fail

Happy new year folks. Following on from last year's video I bring you a new compilation of incompetence .. 2013 Another Year of #FAIL

(Uncensored .. there are a few choice words)

Seems that songs by the Cure from back in the 70's are causing issues with the bean counters so .. its also on Vimeo

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Rideeye Cycling 'black box'

Given other discussions going on around here, this could be a timely project:

What makes this interesting is that it has claimed 12 hour battery life, and records a 1 hour continuous loop which is saved at the press of a button or if the unit detects a crash.

Little heavy at 300g, but it's built to survive a crash and the price is good.

Any backers?

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Joey's Ok - Awesome CX Crash

I know we shouldnt laugh at crashes, however this is a absolute beauty from Starcrossed.

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The aftermath ....

Anyone know how to change the Lefty rim cuz i dont !!

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Epic FAIL on the lip ...

Spot the landing site of my beloved Rush

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Insane film day episode 1:Skinny

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi Def available if you double click to watch it at youtube and then chose the HD botton

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rough edit of Skinnys stack

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Ok it's a very rough edit but the skinny was hell keen to check out his stack and the boys want a quick look at the road gap

Guys stack

More when I get a chance to do a proper edit of the HD stuff

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Matt P's 'neatly' sewn up shin

Please note the dollar coin for scale Eye-wink

Whilst this looks like it's been sewn up by a blind man in an earthquake, it's a damn good job considering the pervious carnage!

Take note kids - shin pads are the future

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