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Nepal MTB - check those trails

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By Hans - Posted on 08 March 2008

Nepal MTB - check those trails - there's a 800 mtr downhill section beyond this ridge!

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Man, how good is this picture? If you do not look at this and instantly want to be there, sitting on a bike with that view, and about to blast down 800m vertical there is something seriously wrong! Sticking out tongue

Just awesome!

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a further afield trip being planned here, I've always wanted to go to Nepal and now I'd like to go a bit more, along with a few others. $2500 would get you a nice holiday.

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Nepal is my number one on my bucket list! maybe a trip next year????

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I want to go to Whistler.Let's straighten Gazza's arms so he can join in.

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I'll come along to Whistler....Canadian summer is coming up soon....

and how about a side trip to Moab...

Rgds Hans

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