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Nepal MTB - check those trails

Nepal MTB - check those trails - there's a 800 mtr downhill section beyond this ridge!

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Nepal Mountain biking

Getting ready for the downhill section - see the lake in the background - drop by 1000 mtrs for the next hour.

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Wild fling in the Himalayas [Nepal]

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Quick update from a recent fling with the Himalayas (Nepal).

During a recent work-trip to Nepal, I was able to escape from the hustle of Kathmandu to do a short 2 days stint of serious mountain biking in the foothills of the Himalayas.

We met Tangi, a french pro-MTB rider (and local resident for the last 5 years in Pokhara) and he took us to his favourite trails for the next 2 days. He used to be a competition rider for COMMENCAL (a well-regarded MTB brand in Europe) and is sponsored by the company to teach 15 local Nepali kids to become pro-riders.

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