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Harry's new single speed!

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By pikey - Posted on 07 May 2008

Harrys repairs after his derailier wanted out of the race.

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that it took me over an hour (8km's) to think of turning it into a single speed - plus the middle ring exploded on the first uphill I stood up on

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Do we need a whole seperate gallery for broken Specialized bikes? Sticking out tongue

But in all seriousness....terrible luck there Harry. Better sign up for the Mogo then!

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parts that are specialised gave no issues or problems at all - rather the idiot who shortened his chain by a link to prevent the chain falling off as it did the last time I put a derailer through the back wheel. Being in big ring and thinking I was in middle was the cause of the first breakdown when I tried to shift up when an ambulance vehicle slowed on an uphil and killed my momentum - that obviously weakend the hanger and after the decent or some of the landings that gave way totally.

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nice fix though.

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Just tell us it was your awesome leg strength. We will believe you if you say you sheared off a derailleur by brute force.

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