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Wahroonga Fire Trail

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By Noel - Posted on 15 May 2008

We should create a ride database entry for this. I don't have a GPS or even a computer to measure the distance. I've ridden it a few times, Starting at McRae Place. I think Buck said he has too. It's quite fast, Good fitness ride. Smooth. Medium hills. Single track at the end (before NP's sign).

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From the satellite pics the Gibberaragung walking track looks to be a firetrail for around 1.5Km, so you could add that too.

Does anyone know what the Darri Track from Bedford Ave. is like? It certainly looks a bit wide up to Waipori St. If you could somehow join this to the Phillip Road exit out of the Wildflower Garden it would make for a long out and back - albeit with a bit of road in the middle.

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Yeah out and back. Some fresh new fire trail, looks a bit like the M2 but it's unsealed and it has trees on the sides instead of concrete sound walls. One section is very steep with large water bars. It's still a possible hill though as it's so smooth. Brilliant trail work actually, on a massive scale. You wouldn't want to fly off the side off this trail, it's quite a steep sloping drop. It does invite you to ride at pace as it is so wide and flowy. Even has a bridge that is massive (for Fire Trucks I guess). It's a hot trail in summer as it is fairly exposed, but you keep enough speed up to keep cool.

The Single at the end is actually Fire Trail now that I think of it. Eventually you get to a no bikes sign that rolls around on the ground. Somebody really hates that sign. It's the most abused sign I have ever seen. On the way out to that abused sign, you can turn left ad you find an old set of BMX doubles. Further along the track you can turn right and it meanders through an open field to a rock lookout. The abused sign is where I turn and come back as it looks like it goes into DH single into NP's. But that bit of Fire Trail (that you saw in the sat photo) on that ridge is a nice rough bit of eroded (from water running down the guts of it) trail, it adds a reward for the ride there from McCrae. It's a pretty flat fire trail on that ridge, and you can use the huge rut like a small half pipe as you work along it.

Myself and a friend did Bedford Ave to Waipori, it was all easy fire trail. Got steeper and a bit meaner at the Waipori end from memory, but as newbs we did it no problems.

We headed a bit further North and found a NP's entry sign so we turned around. I remember that day, when we go back to the car there was a young kid, maybe 10 or 12 riding a BMX up and down the street (he was watching these 'oldies' and there funky MTB's with all their fancy paraphernalia) with an almost dead flat rear tire. I offered him my pump (as we were packing up bikes into the car) and he pumped it up and then rode off really excited Smiling He said he didn't have a pump and the servo was too far. Poor kid, wealthy street. I'll make sure my kids have their tires up good and proper.

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