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Mystery Bling?

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By Rob - Posted on 16 May 2008

Can you guess what it is?

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sidi sole?

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@Loz: Close, but not quite.

Actually... I have some better bling than this now. Although these are still going strong Smiling

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we know you are a hard man but never thought you'd go for a carbon fiber chamois!


hawkeye's picture

maybe Aerator. Hmmm. I'm guessing road shoes.


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@Hawkeye... spot on!

These (the red ones under discussion) are MTB shoes, but these (the ones below) are road and even more bling!

Gaerne G.Myst Carbon

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I'd need to wear my sunnies on a night ride if you wore those! Eye-wink

ar_junkie's picture

Naa, not a chance.

For someone who held out on going stiff sole (MTB) and then road shoes, certainly no half measures there...

So when does the Assos kit arrive? Sticking out tongue

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@junkie... If you paid attention when we went to Bumble Hill you would have seen I was wearing Assos then. Perhaps you were just too busy trying to hang on back there? Eye-wink

Assos gear is very nice, but too expensive for every day rides. To be honest, the Santini bib I have (they call it 'GITCX' for some reason) is very nearly as comfy and under half the price.

Oh, and ever since I tried those Northwave carbons (the red ones) have been sold on stiff soles, but only when you aren't going to be walking far (eg. when you're racing or training).

ar_junkie's picture

That's why I said kit, not knicks...

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