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Over the Volvo- Tien (just)

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By pikey - Posted on 28 May 2008

Note how close his front tyre is to the edge of the deck, We thought we were going to loose him.

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Pikey zoom and cut his face, that is priceless, well almost as priceless as the look on my Sparrow Hill OTB

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mind you, i felt quite calm when the front tire got to the edge of the ramp - not sure that was a moment of resignation to that fact that i was going to launch off/crash land or i had every thing in control and whistled on the way down!

The whole place a blast!


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about your new parts? on the bike yet? on which bike?
Stuart, I know what he's got, saw Tien on Tuesday night in trafic.... and saw "a box" in his car!!!

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