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Mtb overnighter

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By Carlgroover - Posted on 14 April 2008

Saturday, 24 May, 2008 - 08:54
29 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Woodford railway station on the south side

Railway parade Woodford NSW

The plan, park at Woodford station take the train to Wentworth Falls, ride Andersons and have a break for some early lunch before doing up to 3 hrs of really good single track/fire roads in the Hazelbrook/Lawson area, the folk that did the mid Mountain tour are familiar with this area, but We will be doing the improved loop that I've been riding with sweet flowing single track, water bars and some technical up and down (for Liam). Then back to the cars and drive to the camping spot (no fees type) with drop toilet. As I mentioned earlier this spot has an awesome fire place and I will arrange the firewood and bring a gas barbie to cook dinner.
If your not fond of alcohol you could bring your lights and do a night ride.
Sunday morning pack up, slip over to Linden and ride Linden ridge road (fire road) and Dawes ridge single track that seems mostly downhill in both directions, this track is nice mildly technical, quite fast and a bit over grown eye wear strongly recommended and long sleeves if your soft.
The start time can be decided closer to the date and to suit the majority.
John the Diplomat Eye-wink

Update: Just thought I'd mention here, we'll catch the 8:54 train from Woodford, BYO food and drink as we'll be having a BBQ dinner at the campsite. Any one wishing to do Sunday only I will pm you the info to meet us on request. Remember to pack the woolies as it could be a bit cool away from the fire.

Who's in?
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Paul's picture

They say "Do one thing every day that scares you" but I draw the line at going to a secluded camping area that has Bernd and Stuart sharing the back of Bernd's van while they honk down on homebrew and speak German (it's all too much like a scene from a German DVD's).

I will probably get directions and meet you on Sunday morning for the Linden trails.

Harry's picture

Would love to join this ride but son's 21st on 23rd and wedding aniversary on 25th - will have to wait for the next one.

Carlgroover's picture

Harry if you're not expecting to have a hangover after your son's 21st, you could just do the Saturday ride.

Harry's picture

was the bit I was really keen on - never done an overnighter on a push bike. I'm sure this will be huge and as such other dates will come up.

Stuart M's picture

Party on the Friday night, ride all day saturday and sunday, home to take the better half out for a bangup chinese meal at the local Rissole to remind her why she's still with you. The mere fact that you have remembered its your anniversary should be enough for her to cut you some slack. Your a step ahead of most there mate. You could sell your abscence for the majority of the day by telling her you want her to be pampered for the day and you would just get in the way Eye-wink

Paul's picture

Harry, why don't you sell it as taking your wife on an exclusive and romantic health retreat for your anniversary.

Picture this a guided cycling tour of the pristine trails of the Blue Mountains followed by gourmet dinning at a romantic and secluded camping area on a crisp and clear moonlight night.
The two of you can experience the joys of the Australian bush and soak up each others company as the sounds of the local wildlife reverberate all around.
The next morning wake to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and sizzling bacon, ready for another day of guided cycling in the Blue Mountains.

Mate, she will be thinking she's the luckiest women alive.

Bernd's picture

... forgot the Beer testing by the camp fire!!!!

Carlgroover's picture

I've gotta lift my game Paul, I'm no where near that creative with my wife.

Andy Bloot's picture

An anniversary treat of an MTB tour with a bunch of smelly blokes followed by a slap up Chinese meal at the Rissole.
Your wives must be very special people.

Stuart M's picture

and John don't feel like you're off your game, Paul isn't that creative with his wife either Eye-wink

Harry's picture

Your talents are wasted in your present vocation - you really should be in marketing; that or second hand car sales, mate you've got the gift if I closed my eyes I could just see it.

Harry's picture

I have to make sure that you don't get near my wife or that she gets to read these posts as then the surprise will be wasted, I know she's been dreaming of the rissole and I really want it to be a surprise

nate's picture

cold night in the mountains....sounds awsome!! all that talk about singletrack makes it hard to pass!

I'll do my best to join this one but I'll have to make the call a little closer to the date. (Belle will be 35 weeks so maybe I'm kidding myself)

Carlgroover's picture

She'll be fine, and you normally get almost 24hrs warning before the actual birth.

lozza6's picture

Ahh what a shame, I'm meant to still be in Perth for work that weekend... But if I'm back early, i'm in like Flynn!!! Laughing out loud


Justin's picture

For the birth?

pikey's picture


Don't you already have 5 kids?


Tom_B's picture

I've been keen for an overnight ride for ages now, sounds like it will be awesome.


Maria's picture

Would you be ok to have a couple of strangers join your camping/biking outing? I've only met a few of the people in this group. I have been excited to go camping and haven't had the chance yet. Room for one more tent?

Carlgroover's picture

We are always happy to have new people along on the rides/camping, we have a lot of fun and I've only ever found the NoBMoB folk friendly and helpful. See you on the 24th!

Bernd's picture

... friendly and helpful...!!Oh yes, especially John, when you run into him by chance on the way to the finish line, where he is on his way to a 5h+ finish after nearly 100km and I'm just about giving up on a 3h finish on the 50km.....and?
no way he let me get back at 3:01h...oh no, he pushes himself to push me, What a Champion! Thanks a lot Mate 2:57h you are the man....

Carlgroover's picture

I enjoyed the final push to the line we did Bernd, on another great weekend, it was getting hard to find people to ride fast with at that stage of the race.

Bernd's picture

and I had some of the "Brew" I made a few weeks ago for this special occasion last night and guess what?
It's BLOODY GOOD!!!!!!!!

Carlgroover's picture

We wouldn't want you to finish it before the 24th Eye-wink

Carlgroover's picture

I took a look at the train times from Woodford and the 2 most suitable times are 7:24am and 8:54am so if you have a preference now's your chance. Also a couple of people have mentioned they can't do the camping bit, but would like to do one day which is fine, if anyone want's do the second day I'll PM the camping spot to you rather than inviting Cory's mates as well.
Cheers Smiling

Rob's picture

Mr Groover... I'm in for a day trip on sweet sniggle if poss. If this means catching a train, the 8:54 is defo the one to get pls! Smiling

Bernd's picture

..., well I made 22 l and had 2.5 so far!
But it is so good I may have a little bit more, just checking if the brew is ok!!
How many are camping? If everyone has a cup to drink out of I'll bring a few bottles!
11 sleeeeeeps....right?

Carlgroover's picture

is right so don't drink 2 bottles a night.
Rob, I don't see a need to start earlier than the 8.54am since the mornings are a little cool at the top of Andos.

pikey's picture

.... the mornings are also for waking up with a hangover, but not from Bernds excellent home brew.

Bring on the OP Bunderberg

Sticking out tongue


lorrie's picture

Got a big night the night before so is there any chance I can meet you guys at lunch or for the start of the ride in the afternoon? Just name the (rough) time and place where i have to be.


bike182mtb's picture

this should be a heap of fun.but should do queens rd on the sunday is only a about a 5km ride to the start and is 26 kms of fun.john if you want i will go for a ride before hand. but cant wait for the 24 roll on

anke13's picture

Getting very excited about my first MTB overnighter - I am pretty much set in terms of tent, sleeping bag, 2x camping chairs. Just wanted to know what we’re doing for food. Is everyone bringing their own stuff? Are we packing lunch for Saturday or are we eating "in" somewhere?
Sorry, trying to get organised before Saturday.

GAZZA's picture

its supposed to rain in sydney over the weekend john. is it the same forcast for the mountains? call me a woose but i can handle the cold but dont like the thought of camping in the rain!!!

Carlgroover's picture

Lorrie, we will take the 8:54am from Woodford that gets to Wentworth falls at 9:11am I think we'll take about 2hrs to get back to the cars at Woodford station where we could have a bite to eat (this would be your own food as there are no shops in Woodford) we could also purchase food/beer at Lawson later on if that's the popular choice on the day.
Gazza, I've checked 2 forecasts for the Mountains and they both say cloudy with possible showers for the weekend, being an optimist I think we'll be fine.
Anke13, it can get a tad cold so beanie, gloves, 2 pair of trackies if you feel the cold, if you have thermals I'd bring them.
For food I think if we all pack an esky and I'll have a BBQ there to cook whatever needs cooking. There is takeaways that could be driven to if needed.
Cheers John.

nate's picture

Subject to getting my steed out of bike hospital in time....count me in

John, I have a bbq too, happy to bring it if required.

Carlgroover's picture

If it's not too much hassle a second barbi could be good, but one should feed everybody in 2 or 3 goes.
Whats up with the bike? as someone/me could lend you the parts needed.

nate's picture

it's the rear suspension pivot bearings, thank God I happened to have a spare vp linkage in the toolbox or it would have been a month off the road. Should be ready for friday.... I'll throw in the barbie....we will be hungry!

Carlgroover's picture

is never enough, if I break one or even two, I just reach for the next one.
You're right about hungry, Supagav and I did 6 courses each at the buffet in Wagga RSL on the weekend.

Buck's picture

I'll just come up for the Saturday. See you at Woodford in the morning!

bikemad's picture

hey guys,im keen on hooking up on either sat arvo for a ride or even to meet up at the camp site and do the sunday morning ride with sore head!!were and what time are we talking on sat arvo?im happy to get on cooking duties if that helps...

Bernd's picture

... sorry to everyone, but I have to cancel me being part of this!!!
I was so looking "drinking" forwrd to this.... but have to stay back... well next time!
But I will give someone the "Brew", I just have to catch up with someone going up there and give you a few bottles!! please pm me.

Carlgroover's picture

Bikemad, we should be back at the Woodford train station (south side) around 11.15am-11.45am before heading off for the second ride, so you could meet up then or come straight to the campsite around 3pm. I'll pm you.
Cheers John.

Little-Ditty's picture

Count me in for the ride on Saturday fellas - and lovely ladies Eye-wink

tienster's picture

will be there with Buck for Saturday only.


Matt P's picture

I'd be keen on joining you for day 2.

The Minister for the Prevention of Fun in Preferernce of Pretentious Dinner Parties won't cut the apron strings for an overnighter, but Sunday should be a goer.

Could you pls PM me the details of the meet place?


Matt P

Maria's picture

Bill and I are not sure if we will be able to make the early train due to Friday night engagements. We are in for the afternoon ride and camping for sure. Who should we contact to make sure we hook up with the group? Maybe meet up at the Woodford station when you finish the am ride? Would there be some riding right around there if we showed up early? Just looking at options.... Thanks

Carlgroover's picture

You could begin to ride Andersons backwards until you meet us coming down, from Woodford station ride up Bedford rd. go straight ahead once you get to the gravel, keep going till you get to a road off to the right, take this then go over a gate then before you will be one of the most renown hills in the Blue Mountains for MTBs if you're lucky you'll see a dozen puffing sweaty riders approaching you at this time or you may ride down it cross a creek at which point you must take the left fire trail soon after you'll cross another small creek (quite scenic down here) and keep following the trail until we meet up.
My Mob. is 0141570855 but Mobiles are unreliable in the mountains.

Maria's picture

See you Sat.

anke13's picture

Looks like the weather gods are kind to us...

Fine. Mostly sunny. Light to moderate southwest winds, turning south to southeast in the afternoon.

City: Min: 11 Max: 19
West: Min: 5 Max: 19

Fine. Partly cloudy.

City: Min: 11 Max: 19
West: Min: 7 Max: 19

See you tomorrow!

craigs's picture

...those temps are city temps.
John will confirm but overnight you could expect something around 3 degress zone, during the day low teens 13-15. Cooooooool indeed.

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