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NS BIKES Suburban, street bike -- Updated May '09 (down page) --

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By starship303 - Posted on 15 August 2008

All i can say is this thing is f.u.n. Smiling


FRAME: NS Bikes Suburban, pearl white (lightweight cromoly, street-geo specific frame, made in Poland)
FORK: 24 Bicycles SanKuKai black rigids (made in France)
WHEELSET: Mavic EX721, Sapim SS spokes, NS hubs, Maxxis Holyrollers 2.4's (*soon to be much lighter Schwalbe Table Top 2.25's*)
BRAKES: Shimano Saint levers with XT calipers, 6" rotors F&R
DRIVE: Shimano XT hollowtech II cranks, 32t ring, 15t ACS Claw freewheel, KMC Cool Chain, NS Legeater sealed pedals (*thinking BMX style 3-peice cranks soon - possibly Deity*)
COCKPIT: NS Lil-Sista bars on pearl white NS Moto stem, trials grips.
SEAT/POST: SDG I-Beam Bel-Air SL (Snow-camo) with cut I-Beam post (not shown in pics)

As it was Black&White Brakes/cockpit Drivetrain


Just thought i'd update this bike with some pics i just uploaded.
Changes (that happened ages ago) include Schwalbe Table Top tyres, new SDG I-Beam post and SL Snow Camo saddle, plus Saint/XT brakes front and back.
Possibly only 3-piece BMX cranks next. I enjoy the rigid fork too much to change...


Non-drive side
Drive side


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Go the rigid fork! It does have one too many seats though Eye-wink

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...will be coming soon hopefully.

Yeah the rigid fork is great on this thing, and is surprisingly smooth. Did a little dirt jumping for the first time last weekend and it felt so good, both in the air and on landing.

One too many seats? You would say that. Sticking out tongue
It does come in handy when riding decent distances like i seem to on this. The 32t/15t (2.133 ratio) gearing also helps, though i'm thinking of moving to BMX 3-piece cranks and smaller chainring/sprocket (32t is the min. you can run on 4-arm MTB cranks) to help with low-speed tricks (like 26/13 or 28/15?) and give a bit more ground clearance.

Cheers. Smiling
my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

Matt's picture a 26T chainring on the very inner mount on the XT cranks, you just need to get the spacers right on the freewheel so the chainline is straight. Also I found it a bit difficult to get small rear cogs, Chris King I think do a 15 but no smaller, but I could be wrong...


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Regarding the smaller rear gears, my hub is actually a 'compact thread' type hub which can run the small BMX freewheels, so i can go down to as low as 13t (or more now?) with a freewheel, and possibly 9t with a microdrive setups (not 100% on the microdrive being compatible with my NS Coaster SS hub - they do fit the NS Coaster SS "Pro" model).

As for the chainring, i have seen a small chainring run on MTB cranks as you suggested (think it was a trials bike strangely enough..) but TBH it looked a bit dodgey (and dangerous) [[EDIT: FOUND A PIC HERE]] plus i really like the idea of tough BMX 3-piece cranks (using a Euro BB) with cromoly crank arms, small light sprocket and fat chain. I'm also worried of de-threading my XT's at the pedal (they don't have a steel thread insert unlike the heavier Hones or Saints). A 3-piece setup can LOOK SUPER TIDY.

Deity Vendetta or Macneil Conjoined cranks, which are the ones i have my eye on, can actually be setup to be basically as light as my XT's (with a Ti spindle) which is pretty cool.

I guess i could try a small chainring on my XT cranks if i find one cheap i guess, though i would have to get a new rear freewheel for correct ratio i think (26/15 is a bit light on IMO..was aiming for a ratio of 2:1).

my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

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Bring it riding next time!! I want to ride it? Looks crazy and fast...maybe we can do a city ride, plenty of stairs and rails to play on, including Martin Place.

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Finally got more up to date pics of my little street machine.
Been commuting on this to work recently too. Good fun (its not too far).
Only thing i'd like to do now is get some 3-piece BMX style cranks with some little gears.

my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

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What's with the low seat? Is it the fashion or for doing stunts? Do you cycle to work with the seat that low too?

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Yo Jeeten!

Yep, its low so as to save the crown jewels when mucking around.
It comes up a good 150-200mm when in "commuting mode" (not that thats still a practical height for leg extension...but its better).

my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

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