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Giant Reign 1 (08) b

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By sensai_miagi - Posted on 03 September 2008

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Yeah, looks good!! How does it ride? Can u keep up to the goose?

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I think i've seen this somewhere before. Eye-wink
You still enjoying the Reign, Mark?
my Intense 5.5 ~ my NS Suburban

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How could you not enjoy a Reign? Eye-wink


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don't worry mate, since that pic was taken it's been crashed into a river, scratched fork uppers, dented frame, used one chain and one set brake pads, spent three days at thredbo, and everything in between. i cut the seat post shorter yesterday and i'm looking into running a single ring and chain guide up front for quiter slaying of berms.

hey we should get together again for a canberra trip when the world (cup/champs) comes around in sept.

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