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Shaws Farm House

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By Rob - Posted on 24 June 2006

Word is that this place was gutted by fire in 2010 and may be removed. See Yellomundee Regional Park update for 29 Nov.

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never really looked out for it or seen it while riding around there ?

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you must have been looking at your front wheel the track goes right passed the front door Eye-wink

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looking out for snakes or glass on the bitumen ?

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As of 14 May 2010, the burnt out remains of the old Shaws Farm house had all been removed by NPWS. The next steps involve erecting a shelter shed, toilets(!) etc.

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Was thinking they would of left the sandstone part but no its gone.

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Do you know if anyone is going to pull out the old low voltage mains running to the house or are they gone too?

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The sandstone used in the old house has been kept and stacked on site - for reuse in the new facilities some how. We haven't seen the exact plans for the new stuff as yet. But it's all part of the NPWS plan to move the MTB "centre" down to the Shaws Farm area - and away from the existing area further up the hill, which is right in the middle of an Endangered Ecological Community (EEC) of ironbarks, etc.

I believe that the power will be reinstated - and used at the site. That will mean re-tensioning the power lines as they are very (!) low on the other side of the valley.

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