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New old Fork!

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By Bernd - Posted on 30 November 2008

New "old" Fork on the NORCO!!!
changed the bike a lot. Love it.
Thanks a lot, Liam. Hope you like the German Bier!!!!

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Hahaha, I thought that fork looked familiar Laughing out loud

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.. how is the snow over there??

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Just got back from Niagara Falls Smiling

Was great! Laughing out loud

I've got a running set of pictures up if you're interested..

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Those are some sexy forks. Laughing out loud That Furstenberg was pretty good. Laughing out loud

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is from the Black Forrest!!!
Lozza, I like your Photos, I was at that M&M place in NY (March 2007) with my 2 Girls and did they love it!!!!

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