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One of the newbies?

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By pikey - Posted on 10 January 2009

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That he should store his trail food in his jersey pockets instead of his knicks...

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looks more like just some nibbles, or maybe its a protien bar, or......ok, enough already

Let there be light

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there's gonna be a murder on this site soon!

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Gazza, all I can say mate is that I haven't known you long, and I don't claim to know you well, yet I do know that if there's a camera about you are often in front of it.

Stuart M's picture

Not if thats the only weapon you're packing

Let there be light

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I too know your pain.

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Why black knicks are so popular, when you can look like this is grey?

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I just took the picture!

Don't blame me if you only packed you little lunch. Sticking out tongue


The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

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from Woolies to go with my Christmas turkey.

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has stuffed two Gu gels down the front of his knix Smiling

If your shy Gazza shorts may be an option!!

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... and I love the bedroom eyes!

I hope you live up to your name "Hardwood"

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