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homemade LED lights

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By jpack - Posted on 14 January 2009

2 x Cree XR-E Leds. dimmer from 350 to 1000mA. battery pack mounted to frame

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Do you really need all that cooling? My 2xXR-E have 4xLED sinks on the top (the self adhesive ones from JayCar). They are OK at 1A too. Here, these:

Rob's Homemade LEDs MkII

'cos if you OTB, that top sink is looking a bit dangerous is all Sad

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never really thought of the OTB problem that sometimes arises. Perhaps i'll replace that big one with a few small ones.

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just turn them down or off when stopped for prolong periods.

Let there be light

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not as easy as i thought to remove the big heat sink. It's bolted down with the nut firmly sealed on the inside. perhaps i'll just chop it down a bit?!?

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