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By Justin - Posted on 15 October 2006

Buck hits a rock and demonstrates proper dismounting technique (the oh s**t version)

Carlgroover's picture

I may have to speak to Buck and learn to fall like that rather than on my head , face and shoulder, healing time appears much lower.
John. Smiling

Brian's picture

Nice stack. Gotta love the random image Smiling

shano's picture

the Caption "Turtle Power" comes to mind! Smiling

hawkeye's picture

Duck Holes, or the descent on the way back from the end of Long?

Andy Bloot's picture

Ben must be please that 5 years on his gaff is resurrected

Buck's picture

Wow that bring back memories.
Yes that was on the descent on the Long Track.
It was one of my first MTB rides with Nobmob. On the way back Justin and Greg stopped at the bottom of the hill and waited with the cameras for the noobs to come.

I played along and fell down the hill Smiling

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