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Snake encounters of the Appin kind

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Buck and I were riding in Appin on Sunday. I was heading up this section of fast switchback singletrack and I've come across a snake on the trail! Not sure what it was (black/grey, 1m long, 5cm diamter) but I pretty much spooked it and it shot off to the left. I was pinning it at the time and took a while to haul up after I spooked it, and it spooked me. I screamed out to Buck SNAKE!! who also pulled up a safe distance behind me with no issue.

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Muddy camelbak

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Buck's helmet hair

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Buck Gone

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Buck finishing

Choice words as this photo was taken:

That's F*%KED!


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Graveyard Buck

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Climbing Buck

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Buck Scare

Buck about to roll off a large rock, and manage to just avoid OTB'ing into his girlfriend who was sat at the bottom of this drop.

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Buck & Paige

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Blur Choi

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