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After 2 DNF's and a 2 year hiatus

What he said:

2 years off, did some training, still fat but managed to finish!


It went painfully like this:

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Snake encounters of the Appin kind

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Buck and I were riding in Appin on Sunday. I was heading up this section of fast switchback singletrack and I've come across a snake on the trail! Not sure what it was (black/grey, 1m long, 5cm diamter) but I pretty much spooked it and it shot off to the left. I was pinning it at the time and took a while to haul up after I spooked it, and it spooked me. I screamed out to Buck SNAKE!! who also pulled up a safe distance behind me with no issue.

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Welcome back to racing

Just got back from an Eastern Europe Contiki.

managed 2 weeks of training 1 month out.

Glad I finished

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First ever Dirtworks 100

First ever 100km DW.

Happy with the result.

Went out very hard managing to keep up with Sean for a fair but before my legs began to tire and were on the verge of cramps.

Managed to keep them at bay and finished as strong as a could despite being so very slow on all the hills in the Womerah Range.

Thanks to all,

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Mont Fun!

Had a great time, thanks to everyone!

-6 laps
-Cramps on the 6th lap
-Heatstroke waiting for presentations
-5 hours sleep in car just outside of Goulburn
-Home at 11pm


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I'm an IDIOT and I love awesome people!

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So, here is my story.

Monday night was commuting home across the bridge. As I was braking towards the end of the run for the stairs down, I noticed some scratchy feeling/noise coming from my front brakes.... As I was pulling up to the ramp was deciding whether to go ahead riding down or not and at the last minute pulled off and walked down. Checked the issue at the bottom and found that 1 of my pads were down to the metal so lucky I didn't ride down!

OK so no dramas, its an uphill grind home anyway. Get home, replace 1 pad and leave the other half worn pad in there. Works a treat.

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My First 24 hour event

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Slowly getting the race notches in my belt. Apart from a casual spin at the yellowmundee grand prix, this was not only my first 24 hour event, but also my first experience at a lap style team race. I have to say its a completely different style of riding/racing and its one I'm not so familiar with. I'm used to the endurance races where you lock into a sustainable rythm and just spin to your hearts content. This however I found much much harder than any other event I've done before. With the lap mentality you really do not allow yourself to let up at any point.

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What a Race!

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Happy with that for my 2nd ever race and first ever 100.

Had a stupid mechanical at 10km with the jockey wheel completely seizing up. I had to take the thing off 3 times and put me firmly in last place at the back with the fatties.. Wasn't quite shifting correctly but luckily managed to do some mid ride chain tensioning and amazingly enough got it shifting relatively well.

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